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It is April and Spring is Finally here and it’s time to get to work on your backyard and gardening projects!
For those new to home gardening, it often makes sense to assess your greenhouse kit needs such as your geographical area and climate, your level of expertise and if you are going to grow for multiple seasons or if you simply want to extend one season.

For extreme climate areas and for multiple season gardening, we strongly recommend the following greenhouse kits for their insulation values: Riga, Sunglo and the Monticello. For those with limited space, consider The Rose.For moderate climate areas, the Essence, Easy Grow, Rion, Snap GrowMythos, Juliana and Sunshine models are recommended. These models are also excellent for extending your gardening season.  Buy from us with confidence. We will not be undersold; please call and we will match prices. Great Service and Lowest Prices!


Riga Greenhouse Kits
German made
Aluminum frame
10mm polycarbonate
Sale! From $3,875 $2,799
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Sunglo Greenhouse Kits
Aluminum frame
1.5″ twin-wall panels
Strong 4-season
From $3,850 $3,350
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Snap & Grow

Snap & Grow Greenhouse Kits
Clear SnapGlas panels
Quick, easy assembly
Top Seller
Sale!  From $974 $749
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Monticello Greenhouse Kits
5 sizes available
8 mm panels
Auto vents included
From $2,777 $2,320
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Rion Greenhouse Kits
6 styles and many sizes
Resin frame- Sale!
Polycarbonate panels
From $1,125 $949
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Sunshine Redwood Greenhouse Kits
Redwood frame
4mm poly panels
Many features!
From $1,408 $1,199
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Solexx Greenhouse Kits
3.5mm & 5mm panels
Steel core PVC frame
Kits, panels or rolls
From $1,550 $714
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Juliana Greenhouse Kits
Aluminum frame
Twin-walled poly
Superior insulation
From $314 $295
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Victorian Style Greenhouse Kits
Black metal  frame
4mm  glass panels
Auto vents included
From $4,963 $4,150
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Colonial Wood

Colonial Wood Greenhouse Kits
Wood construction
Dutch doors
Stylish design
From $1,240 $1,061
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Mythos Greenhouse Kit
3 sizes available – Sale!
Roof vent included
From $586 $419
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Glass Panel Greenhouse Kit : German Teahaus Pavilion : Better Greenhouses
European made
Metal frame
Glass panels
From $16,000 $14,999
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Riga XL for Schools

Riga XL for Schools
From $11,214 $9,499
Free Delivery
  16mm panels
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Easy Grow

easy grow greenhouse kit
Aluminum frame
4mm twin-wall poly
Push Snap Connectors
From $1,703 $1,461
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Duramax Greenhouse Kit
polycarbonate panels
Sale!  4 sizes
From $1,124 $699.99
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Windsor Estate

Glass Greenhouse Kits : Windsor Estate : Better Greenhouses
10′ W x 15′ L x 9′ H
4mm glass panels
From $15,238 $13,990
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Tulip House

Tulip Greenhouse Kit
Sliding door
4mm twin-wall poly
Sturdy engineering
From $1,589 $899
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Cathedral Victorian

Glass Greenhouse Kits : Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse : Better Greenhouses
15′ W x 19′ L x 12 H
6′ 8″ sidewalls
4mm tempered glass
From $39,000 $29,900
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Americana 12 x 12 Greenhouse Kit
12′ W x 12′ L
Clear polycarbonate
Sale!  $3,968 $2,599
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Rhino Greenhouse Kit
Various sizes from
12′ x 12′ to 30′ x 30′
From $498 $446
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Bio-Star 6x6 Greenhouse
Various sizes from
6′ 3″ W x 4′ 3″ L to 6′ 3″ W x 8′ 2″ L
From $589 $471
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Rose II

Rose Greenhouse Kit
7’7″ W x 7’1 L x 7’1″ H
4′ 11″ sidewalls
10mm twin poly panels
From $3,600 $2,500
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Essence Greenhouse Plans
8′ W x 12′ L
4mm poly panels
Best priced 8′ x 12′
SALE! $1,550 $1,299
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Lean To Greenhouses

Lean To Greenhouse Kits
From $311 $249
Free Delivery

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Hybrid Greenhouse Kit
Several sizes available
Clear polycarbonate sides
Sale! From $575 $419
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Sun Lounge Lean To Greenhouses

Sun Lounge Lean To
6′ and 8′ Wide  sizes available
Clear polycarbonate
Sale! From $1299
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Sun Room Lean To Greenhouses

Sun Room Lean To
Many sizes available
Clear polycarbonate
Sale! From $1199

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Solexx Harvester Lean To

Solexx Harvester
Delivered Prices  From $2,316
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Glory Green House
Four available sizes to choose and two colors
Sale! From $1699
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Chalet Greenhouse

SALE! $2,550 $1,999
Free Delivery

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Balneo Garden

Balneo Garden Greenhouse Kit
14′ 1″ diameter
5 year warranty
80 mph wind load
From $19,449 $13,999
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Rondo Garden

Glass Rondo Garden Pavilion Round Greenhouse Kit
12′ diameter
28 lbs snow load
80 mph wind load
From $29,999 $18,999
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Cedar Greenhouses

Cedar Greenhouse Kits
From $2,550 $2,139
Free Delivery

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Cedar Garden Sheds

Cedar Wood Greenhouse - Sunshed 8' x 12' - Better Greenhouses
Extra storage
Western red cedar
Beautiful Add On
From $614 $563
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Cold Frames

Year Round Cold Frame - Better Greenhouses
Great starter boxes
Little or no assembly
Use year round
From $55 $45
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Portable Greenhouses
Light weight
Self erecting design
Quick assembly
From $50 $40
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Potting Benches

Potting benches
Cedar or steel
Standard or premium
Attractive & functional
From $186 $99.99
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Greenhouse Kit Accessories
Heaters, Fans
Lighting, irrigation
Many others!
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