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Lit 'l Propagator Solexx Greenhouse

This is an excellent solution for those with small yards or patios. The Lit'l Propagator is great for starting vegetables or herbs without taking up a lot of space. This greenhouse is also great for getting kids into gardening! 4' W x 4' D x 6' H

  • Kids and adults alike love it!

  • Winter-over your favorite potted plants, start seeds early or simply extend your garden season.

  • Tall and roomy enough to stand in while working on your plants!

  • Covered in top-of-the-line Solexx™ greenhouse covering for optimum evenly diffused light (proven in university testing to be the best light for your plants).

  • Easily relocate the Lit’l Propagator in your yard for the best location each season.

  • 24” x 57” door and hardware

  • 2 full-length, 12” deep bench frames (removable)


  • 2 full-length removable 12" deep bench frames

  • 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty  

Glass greenhouse panels let in intense direct light that creates hot spots and will burn your plants.

Polycarbonate greenhouse covering is an improvement but still only partially diffuses the light leaving your plants vulnerable to sun and cold.
With the diffused light of Solexx greenhouse panels, your plants will not suffer sunburn and as a result they will be healthier and grow more vigorously.

In addition the twin-wall structure provides addition insulating value from both heat and cold.

The R-Value is the measurement of insulating ability of the material. The higher the R-Value, the greater the insulation value.


The U-Value is the measurement of heat loss through the material. The lower the U-Value, the less heat is escaping.


Many hobbyist greenhouses are classified as season extenders and are not designed for year round growing if you live in areas where it's cold and snows. For cold conditions select a greenhouse with the thickest panels and also use a gas or electric heating system.

3.5 mm Solexx Lit' l Propagator Greenhouse
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