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Royal Garden Greenhouses

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Attractive French Doors, integrated shelving,  4mm Double Walled UV Protected Opaque Panels on the roof,  Clear Side Panels, Aluminum Frame with Dark Green powder-coat finish.
There is something special and inviting about French Doors being thrown wide open, especially if its to see into and enter a greenhouse full of lush plants and vegetables. With a greenhouse the size of the Royal Garden Greenhouse you can get lost in your own private world of gardening. Also, with the price of fruits and vegetables today, America is turning to greenhouses such as this to grow their own food beyond the typical growing season. For this purpose, many consider a greenhouse an investment from which there is a definite return both in dollars, and in healthy, organically grown food.

Royal Garden Greenhouse
  • Patented push-fit assembly with Lock connectors
  • Heavy gauge extruded aluminum framework
  • Pliers, Phillips screwdriver or drill for assembly tools
  • Ideal greenhouse for both propagating your seedlings and protecting your grown plants, also good for wintering sensitive plants
  • Green Frame: 4mm twin wall polycarbonate panels on the roof and clear panels on the sides.
  • Full Double French Doors with spring loaded latch keeps door closed when not in use
  • Crossing aircraft cable on sidewalls for completely rigid framework
  • Little to no maintenance, corrosion and rust free
  • No base necessary, anchoring stakes provided, build wooden base if you wish. If you live in a area that experiences high winds, a base is recommended.
  • Free Delivery within Continental United States
Royal Garden 10' x 15' Greenhouse
Green Frame
10' W x 15' L x 9' H
Integrated Shelving: 32 linear feet
Interior Floor Space: 150 square feet
Work Bench Shelving: 55 square feet
Automatic Roof Vents: 4
Circular Smart Vent: 2
French Doors: 5' W x 7' 2" H
Shelving on Side Walls 10' Long x 20" Deep
Shelving on Back Wall 15' Long x 20" Deep
Wind Test: 86 m.p.h.
Frame Material: Powder coated aluminum
Frame Color: Dark Green
Time to Assemble: 1-3 days; 1-2 people
Weight: 371 lbs.
Warranty: Lifetime frame; 7 yrs. panels
Base: Anchoring stakes included
Instructions: Printed manual & DVD
Royal Garden 10' x 15' Greenhouse Green Frame
$3499 .00 Delivered Out of Stock
4mm Polycarbonate roof & clear panels on the sides
The benches and shelves, run the full length of the greenhouse on both sides and across the back.  The space under the benches is a great place to store tools and equipment during the winter.

The Royal Garden is engineered to where the green aluminum profile supports fit and click-lock together quickly.  The entire framework interlocks and the rigid polycarbonate panels that are 4 mil. thick and twin walled add maximum insulation.  Panels simply slide into place and become part of the rigid frame system.  The 4 automatic roof vents help keep your greenhouse thermally controlled and the circular Smart Vent(s) placed near the ground allows cool air to be drawn into the greenhouse on warm or hot days.
French doors width is 5 feet which allows a wheelbarrow and other equipment to come and go freely. Door height: 7’2” and overall roof height at the peak is 9 feet.

As a multipurpose structure, the Royal Garden is also used as a place to relax away from the walls of your house.  A table and chairs amongst the plantings are a great place to read or hobby.  Winter storage of various items is another popular use. Once fully assembled, this unit becomes completely rigid and withstands wind gusts of over 80 mph.

Overall, this greenhouse is a great 3 season structure for most all types of plants. In moderate to warm climates it can truly be a year rounds growing environment.
Royal Garden with Green Frame