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Solexx Four Season Greenhouses

Solexx Four Season Greenhouses allow you to grow all year. These highly-efficient greenhouses are insulated with twin-wall greenhouse covering so that heat can be added in the winter to keep plants growing all year. Plus, exhaust fans can be easily added, which ensures proper ventilation and prevents the overheating that often complicates summertime growing. The benefits of Solexx Greenhouses are many. Read more....

Choose from one of the five (5) Solexx greenhouse models shown below. Not finding the right model for your growing situation? Consider designing and constructing your own custom greenhouse using Solexx Panels and/or Solexx Rolls.

Solexx panels are superior than 10mm twin walled polycarbonate panels with regards to insulation value.


Solexx Lit'l Propagator

From $714.00


Solexx Early Bloomer

From $1270.00

Solexx Harvester

From $2316.00


Solexx Garden Oasis

From $2286.00


Solexx Garden Master

From $2622.00

Solexx Conservatory

From $4376.00


Solexx Rolls
From $174.00

Solexx Panels

From $55.00

Solexx Accessories

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