Greenhouse Cleaning and Winterizing

If you’re not using your greenhouse year-round, and even if you are, you’ll want to take time for some thorough greenhouse cleaning and winterizing to keep everything properly maintained and prepared for the following year. Start With Cleaning The maintenance process...

The Tiny Greenhouse

 If you’re pressed for space, the thought of having a greenhouse might seem like a consideration for the future.  We’re here to say that this need not be the case!  If you want to be growing fresh flowers or herbs, a few vegetables, or even something more...

Canning and Seed Collecting

With the growing season winding down, we’d like to continue to look at how to preserve the year’s harvest.  Canning is a great option for keeping a wide range produce; you can make jellies and jams, pickles, sauces, salsas, chutneys, even condiments, and...
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