Best Hobby and Commercial Greenhouse Kits

by | Nov 14, 2016 has been offering you exclusive and quality hobby and commercial greenhouses since 2003. It is with this 13 years of experience, customer feedbacks that we bring this living list of some Best Greenhouses to help you find your perfect hobby or commercial greenhouse. This list is always current because new models are added or removed based on availability, improvement to the design of other models, overall customer feedback, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us below.

Best Lean-to style Greenhouses:

Easy to accommodate into any household, these smaller, hobby type greenhouses are an excellent entry level option.  Lean-tos pack an efficient punch with a range of size options and easy setup.

Our first pick is the Solexx Harvester.  With a better than average warranty (10-year), and two wall-thickness options, including a 5mm for great insulation and strength, this greenhouse and retractable roof systems can “hug” the side of a house. The Solexx Harvester is completely enclosed, making it very portable, and it uses an extremely strong, light and efficient polycarbonate paneling.  The Harvester is wider than most lean-tos at 8’ and comes in four sizes offering 64 – 192 square feet of growing space.

Second we have the Sunglo 1700 Lean-To.  It has a best in class warranty for lean-tos at 12 years, six size options ranging from 57 – 152 square feet, and lots of extra features like the automatic ventilation control system.  Its double-layered acrylic paneling has a high R-value and the ability to transmit 92% of sunlight and with its aluminum framing it’s extremely strong against both wind and snow loads.

Both Solexx and Sunglow also make comparable larger styles (the Conservatory and the 2100, respectively)—both of which are great choices in the hobby greenhouse category.
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Maximum Yield Our Best, Biggest Greenhouses:

Here are our picks if you’re looking for tons of growing room, or plan on using your greenhouse for commercial purposes.

The Jefferson and Wallace greenhouses by Riverstone offer up the most space at up to 480 square feet; the difference between the two models is just the peak height (9.5’ for the Jefferson and 11.5’ for the Wallace). Both models have super-insulating 8mm double-walled polycarbonate panels and come packed with features and components, like the high efficiency LP heater, the air circulation system, the exhaust fan, automatic shutters, the programmable watering system, and the tie-down shade cloth. These models are also built to accommodate lighting systems for plants that require supplemental lighting.

Next we have the Cathedral Victorian greenhouse, which is a classic glass greenhouse of German design, both aesthetically pleasing and very functional. 4mm tampered glass will remain beautiful and strong for generations with care, as will the heavy-duty metal framing. At 300 square feet, this can be used as a large hobby greenhouse or as a backyard getaway. The windows can also be tinted to keep temperatures down if you live in a warmer climate. Smaller models are also available for the casual hobbyist looking for a quality all-glass greenhouse.
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Best Unique Hobby Greenhouses:

If you’re looking for something that looks a little different than the typical backyard fare, these wooden greenhouses might be up your alley, offering great hobby sized structures that enhance the landscape. If drainage problems are ruining your healthy and attractive landscape, get in touch with landscaping water drainage contractors near you to analyze the causes of your drainage problem and determine the best possible solution.

The Colonial Greenhouse uses glass windows and a polycarbonate roof, offering great light and ventilation. Best suited to warm climates, the Amish design is a classic look that could be mistaken for a tiny house. The Colonial comes in sizes ranging from 64 – 160 square feet and includes wooden shelving on three of the interior walls, and a full sized lockable Dutch door.

A cool saltbox style wooden greenhouse is the Western Red Cedar Wood Sunhouse, which is made completely of red cedar, along with the polycarbonate roof panels. It also features a Dutch style door, and comes in four sizes, 64 – 144 square feet, can be set up in a single day, and includes interior work benches.

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Bonus Category– Best Raised Garden Beds:

For a few truly economical choices, here are some of our picks for these categories.

The 8×8 Raised Garden Bed from Outdoor Living Today is not only one of the largest raised beds, but also offers innovative design that makes all your plants easily accessible to you, while protecting them from dogs, rabbits and other pests. The company also makes a 6’ x 3’ “Mini Greenhouse,” which is a raised bed solution with a polycarbonate covering, offering greater protection from the elements.

A super simple and super thrifty solution is the Growcamp Greenhouse, a raised bed system with some added features. Different coverings may be used for various situations: the netting helps to keep pests out, as well as offers some protection from wind, rain and sun, and the poly plastic cover insulates and will keep moisture out. It’s perfect if you don’t need a lot of growing space at just 16 square feet, but it can also be extended.

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