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Our Shade Cloth Bungee Balls are designed to be used with all shade cloths and are a practical, multi-functional fastener. Each of our Shade Cloth Bungee Balls are made up of a durable nylon cord with one plastic ball on the end and is an easy attachment method for your greenhouse shade covers.

Shade Cloth Bungee Balls Features:

  • Sold in quantities of 10 per pack or 25 per pack
  • 9 in. x 1 in.
  • Polyester
  • Will work with any shade cloth with grommets
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.


See Shade Cloth model numbers below to determine how many Bungee Balls needed

Model NumberSizeGrommets
SC8108 ft. x 10 ft.18
SC8128 ft. x 12 ft.20
SC8158 ft. x 15 ft.22
SC8208 ft. x 20 ft.28
SC8258 ft. x 25 ft.32
SC101010 ft. x 10 ft.20
SC101210 ft. x 12 ft.22
SC101510 ft. x 15 ft.24
SC102010 ft. x 20 ft.30
SC102510 ft. x 25 ft.34
SC121212 ft. x 12 ft.24
SC121512 ft. x 15 ft.26
SC122012 ft. x 20 ft.32
SC122512 ft. x 25 ft.36
SC123012 ft. x 30 ft.42


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