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The Gardener's Oasis Package comes in 4 sizes:  8' W  x 8', 12', 16', or 24' long  x 8' H 

The Solexx Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse has a tall and roomy interior and comes in sizes of 8 ft. wide and 8 ft. high with lengths of 8 ft., 12 ft., 16 ft., and 24 ft. Its portability and strong composite tubular frame make the Solexx Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse a perfect addition to any backyard.

Many hobbyist greenhouses are classified as season extenders and are not designed for year-round growing if you live in areas where it's cold and snows. For cold conditions select a greenhouse with the thickest panels and also use a gas or electric heating system.


  • Twin-wall 3.5 mm or 5 mm Solexx panels
  • 2 steel-reinforced hanging rods
  • 4 ft. extension kits to make your greenhouse longer
  • Shelf Kits are available
  • Large vent assembly
  • Lockable door
  • Portable – move according to the season and lighting
  • Strong composite tubular frame
  • A variety of optional Solexx accessories available
  • 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Free shipping in continental United States

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Compare the insulation quality of Solexx to other greenhouse coverings on the market:

Greenhouse CoveringR-ValueU-Value
5 mm Solexx panels2.300.43
3.5 mm Solexx panels2.100.48
8 mm triple-wall polycarbonate2.000.50
Double pane storm windows2.000.50
10 mm twin-wall polycarbonate1.890.53
8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate1.600.63
6 mm twin-wall polycarbonate1.540.65
4 mm twin-wall polycarbonate1.430.70
Single pane glass, 3 mm0.951.05
Poly film 6 mm0.831.20

R-Value – the measurement of 'insulating ability' of the material. The higher the R-Value number the greater the insulation value.
U-Value – the measurement of 'heat loss' through the material. The lower the U-Value the less heat is escaping.
*Independent testing, Solexx with caulked flutes.

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