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The Harvester comes in 4 sizes:  8' W  x 8', 12', 16', or 24' long  x 8'  H 

The Solexx Harvester Greenhouse is designed to hug the side of your house, garage, deck, or standalone – anywhere that’s convenient for you. This greenhouse is completely enclosed for maximum strength, insulation, and solar heat collection for year-round use.

A 6 1/2 ft. x 36 in. double paneled door provides easy access and can be installed on either end of the Solexx Harvester Greenhouse. Steel-reinforced bench frames and hanging rods allow you to fully use and personalize the large amount of interior space. The basic 8 ft. x 8 ft. x 8 ft. model features nearly 60 sq. ft. of bench area and 15 linear feet of hanging rods and includes one large louver.

The The Solexx Harvester Greenhouse is 8 ft. wide and 8 ft. tall with lengths available of 8 ft., 12 ft., 16 ft., and 24 ft. In addition the twin-wall structure provides additional insulating value from both heat and cold.

Glass greenhouse panels let in intense direct light that create hot spots and can burn your plants. Polycarbonate greenhouse panels are an improvement but still only partially diffuse the light, leaving your plants vulnerable to sun and cold. But with the diffused-light of Solexx greenhouse panels, your plants will not suffer sunburn, and as a result they'll be healthier and grow more vigorously.


  • Aisle width 36 in.
  • Bench frame width: 29 in.
  • Lockable door 35 in. W x 77.25 in. H
  • Portable – move according to the season and lighting
  • Shelf kits are available
  • Size: 8 ft. wide and available in a variety of lengths
  • A variety of optional Solexx accessories available
  • Free shipping in continental United States
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty

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Compare the insulation quality of Solexx to other greenhouse coverings on the market:

Greenhouse Covering R-Value U-Value
5 mm Solexx panels 2.30 0.43
3.5 mm Solexx panels 2.10 0.48
8 mm triple-wall polycarbonate 2.00 0.50
Double pane storm windows 2.00 0.50
10 mm twin-wall polycarbonate 1.89 0.53
8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate 1.60 0.63
6 mm twin-wall polycarbonate 1.54 0.65
4 mm twin-wall polycarbonate 1.43 0.70
Single pane glass, 3 mm 0.95 1.05
Poly film 6 mm 0.83 1.20

R-Value – the measurement of 'insulating ability' of the material. The higher the R-Value number the greater the insulation value.
U-Value – the measurement of 'heat loss' through the material. The lower the U-Value the less heat is escaping.
*Independent testing, Solexx with caulked flutes.

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Panel Thickness

5mm, 3.5mm


8' x 24', 8' x 16', 8' x 12', 8' x 8'

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