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The Sunglo Cedar 30 Inch Shelf adds essential work space to tend to your plants. They are attached to the greenhouse frame and can include a large potting sink. All models can accommodate shelves on one or both long sides.  The cedar sections are 2′ 6″ long and 29 5/8″ deep and are supported with a metal frame that is attached to the greenhouse frame.

Many greenhouse growers like a higher half shelf above the cedar benches.

Click here to see the 12″ Cedar Shelf for Sunglo greenhouses.

A Soil Mixing tray can be included on one end of the shelving unit.

Free shipping when ordered with a Sunglo greenhouse.

**Please note that any of the stand alone greenhouses can have shelves on both sides, but the lean-to greenhouses can only accommodate shelves on one side.**

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