The AeroPlus 6000 Composter

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The AeroPlus 6000 Composter

The AeroPlus 6000 Composter is a three stage multi-chamber composter. Taking advantage of vertical space and combing three bins into a single footprint. This advanced, continuous-flow system speeds up the composting process using controlled ventilation, it maintains oxygenated conditions which help feed beneficial microbes and thwart any build up of foul odors. The 3-stage design uses gravity to do the shifting and mixing of compost.  A Composter for those who want the latest, cutting edge technology in accelerated home composting.

Walls include unique "active" aeration system which provides controlled air flow for optimal microbial action. Lid is hinged with turning handle "lock" to keep animals out.

The AreoPlus 6000 Composter is ideal for household waste and kitchen scraps, this unit is not designed for large amounts of grass cuttings.  The large filling flap with seal allows for convenient filling and prevents attracting annoying flying insects. It is easy to adjust the bilateral ventilation making composting easier all year round.  The fresh compost is off the ground preventing rodents from entering. Turning the compost from the outside via a crank handle, it is no longer necessary to separate already composted material from fresh compost due to the three chambers. The walls include unique active aeration system which provides controlled air flow for optimal composting. The lid is hinged with turning handle that locks.

The AeroPlus 6000 Composter is designed to take up less space than 2 or 3 regular compost bins. Constructed of 5mm thick plastic, the Aeroplus 6000 is much more durable than other 3 stage units.

Stage 1: Collect fresh organic matter in the large top bin.
Stage 2: Push waste through to 2nd level to undergo main breakdown process, turn the side handle to drop compost to maturing chamber.
Stage 3: Let the compost mature – when full empty as needed.

Aeroplus 6000 Specifications:

  • Deminsions: 31.1" x 31.1" x 43.3"
  • Weight: 46 lbs
  • Capacity: 140 Gallons
  • Warranty: 2 year
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Capcity: 74 Gallons, Deminsions: 31.1" x 31.1" x 43.3", Warranty: 2 year, Weight: 46 lbs

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